Track Everything

Cubex retail apparel software tracks everything, including raw materials, finished goods, and even equipment, to keep it all flowing and working smoothly. Software for apparel design assembly work orders provides updates to apparel inventory records in real-time as raw goods transform into finished products. Apparel retail pos has calculated cost projections offer valuable insights before you commit inventory to a manufacturing job. Multi-currency conversions in sales orders and purchase orders allow for global pricing options and accurate financial records.

E commerce Integration

Apparel and other accessories have a huge product category in eCommerce. Cubex apparel business has shopping cart integration for online sales that keeps all of your inventory quantities accurate across E-commerce platforms.

Log Inventory

Apparel Log inventory management system straight off the truck or pallet with the use of a barcode scanner and powerful inventory software. Cubex apparel pos system also prepare inside and outside of the products in time

Move Your Inventory

Cubex apparel inventory management software moves your inventory as you see fit without manual audits by creating transfer orders that do not require a transaction to complete.

Historical Information

Apparel retail pos software generates customer purchase histories and stays top current trends to forecast sales and maintain the ideal inventory quantity.


Cubex all operations and processes related to apparel business are performed through the unified cloud platform. Apparel cloud base system access detailed information on every single part in your apparel inventory so that you can tell its location, quantity, status, and more.

Monitor Cost of Goods Sold

Cubex apparel retail pos system built landed costs right into the cost of goods so that you can more accurately set prices for them to make a profit.

Handling of Variable Pricing

You can use variable pricing according to price points you set in apparel manufacturing inventory and different pricing rules that can apply to different customers and situations.

Pick Pack and Ship

Cubex allows apparel shipments including all pick, pack, and ship items to your customers in batches or one at a time and then lets your inventory software update itself in real-time.

Quick Data Entry

Cubex retail pos easily generate purchase orders for your go-to products and eliminate stockouts apparels with the help of automatic reorder points in inventory software.