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Ultra freshing ordering autmation with Warehouse and stores makes it efficient for food business.

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Food & Beverages

Depending on each site’s need, our Cubex Retail food inventory offers food & beverages that may include the following: food & beverages software and its operations covers all your item/receipt maintenance, purchasing, receiving, invoicing, and reporting needs.

Ordering and Inventory Sizes

For each item, food & beverage services can quickly set your inventory size and then create one or more purchasing sizes. Note how you can set the conversion and usage for each purchasing size for all food & beverage outlets.

Inventory item Details

Cubex Retail inventory creates and manages all your details of items related to food & beverage in one place. Our easy to use Cubex food & beverage interface allows you to quickly navigate from creating an item to adding and adjusting a receipt or control all food & beverage cost to printing your management report and finally, Cubex software provide a food & beverage report. The system’s security features allow you to provide or restrict individuals access to certain functions and screen elements ensuring complete control over your inventory food & beverage operations.

Receipt Unit Conversions

Cubex food & beverage manager can also set each item’s weight or volume. This allows the system to automatically convert into any other unit of measure in a receipt. For example, if in Cubex the food & beverage retail system you set an item to be 1.5 pounds in net weight (per bag), then you can select 3 ounces in the receipt. Considering all beverages industry and quality food beverages, Cubex Retail will automatically deduct the right amount from the bag.
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POS Menu Items

In Cubex Retail food & beverage services, you can link your menu items to receipt and inventory items through a process we call POS mapping. We list all menu items and modifiers allowing you to link them to the appropriate receipt or item.
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PAR Levels

Looking for a suggested reorder report? Simply use the item and store combination reorder point and PAR level fields. The food & beverage system and production can be configured to create the reorder beverages report and automatically email it weekly.
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Multiple Vendors

Cubex Retail inventory supports unlimited vendors for any item in the food & beverage business allowing you to easily order/receive from your preferred source.
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Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

If you are new to food inventory and only looking to track your food cost without managing the receipt, Cubex Retail food & beverage promotional and trendy ideas give you the ability to assign items to a COGS account. As the item is sold, the generated revenue is automatically assigned to the corresponding COGS Account. As physical inventories are completed, the on-hand food items are compared to usage providing a true cost of goods sold between selected inventory periods.
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