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Payment Ways

In any business and retail, the Point of Sale (POS) system is the best and foremost way to sell and purchase goods. It includes all POS transactions and payments. As technology is evolving vastly so it enhances retail payment systems also. You can remotely or physically buy a product at the POS and easily withdrawal cash or advance. An automated bill provider, manual to electronic transactions, and a quick retail payment provider makes POS transactions consolidated and trendy.

Be alerted whenever customers pay them on time.

Manage Payrolls
Parked Sale and Hold Inovice
Cash Management

Cubex POS

Cubex POS software has a GUI design that fully supports touch systems for quick access to main functions during sale and purchase in the shop. Cubex POS system and its POS services allow a customer to easily complete all the retail transactions.

Store Credit

POS operates all the POS returns and store credit. Now the customer is liable to pay or some new sale anytime. It will keep your customers coming back by issuing store credit instead of refunds receipt.

Refund & Return

Considering all the refund and return policies, Cubex POS software has a POS return and refund feature that gives every customer the flexibility to change their minds. Moreover, a refundable tax estimator also estimates a customer tax refund.

Split Payment

Always choose the right payment option either it is partial or full. You are allowed to pay through a credit or debit card that systematically takes your card payment or you can directly bank transfer your payment from a bank. We also provide offering credits to customers that allow you to buy now and pay off later.

Register Closure Report

POS data and report contains a printable record of your daily totals e.g. all the payment returns and sales. You can add notes about the day and check your totals by payment type in the POS application.

Cash Management

Every retail shop needs cash management that processes all the sold, purchases. POS cash register reduces errors, theft, and discrepancies by recording all changes from cash float to register closures. Generates POS receipts to handle cash withdrawals with ease.

User Switching

Cubex POS retailers can track their employee performance and increase accountability. The choice is yours, you can switch users through fast user switching or require a password between sales.


Cubex POS terminal adds discounts that will apply to all the items in a customer's basket or specific items only.

Gift Cards

Cubex POS network offers retail vouchers (cash/discount to their customer and increases revenue with flexibility. Branded gift cards coupons are also given to customers with a barcode that you can scan through mobile or device camera. Our basic purpose is to show love and affection for the brand

User Accounts & Permissions

POS machine creates user accounts and defines permissions for each of your staff depending on their role. Customize to align with your store processes and keep sensitive information hidden and secure.

Parked Sales and hold Invoice

Did a customer forget an item? Temporarily park any sale in the POS system and quickly retrieve it when your customer is ready to complete their transaction with the POS transaction system.


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