CUBEX Financial Behaviour

Cubex Financial provides all functionality of Accounting system and multi level chart of account support. It also offers 3 way vendor invoice matching.

Chart of Accounts

Predefined account codes or importing/defining your own account codes while establishing a chart of account. Sorting options and navigation tools differ between programs.

Double Entry, Accrual Accounting

Support for double entry, accrual based accounting is an absolute for GAAP compliance. Also keep an eye on your daily financial.

Balance Sheet

Cubex Retail support balance sheet to give a report on a business's financial condition. It also gives more control over presentation and detail.

Know your Cash Flow

Understand your cash flow so you can take action. Track your income, expenses, and chase invoices

Waste Less Time

Stop spending hours reconciling your bank accounts, match every transaction on your statements automatically.

Profit and Loss

The profit and loss statement knows like the balance sheet. Our P&L is ease to eye with respect to compilation and visual display.