We build a platform that has a cloud-based integration with simple infrastructure and provides services to all companies

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POS Retail will become offering comprehensive
omnichannel commerce across e-Commerce, in-store and call center.

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Know your Inventory

Our Retail management system refurbishes you about all the inventory control system, turnover rate through retail inventory spreadsheet can easily balance and transfer your inventory between locations.


Cubex Retail reporting management system manifests all retail reports and analytics in a congruous format. So whether you are opening your first store or your 100th, you can use our real-time insights and reporting lines to make smarter more profitable decisions.

Customer Loyalty

Create a customer list, which will track your best spenders and reward them through customer loyalty cards. You can Sign up customers to your loyalty program, keep them coming back with targeted promotions and benefits.

Growth of Business

In retail growth strategies, Cubex retail gets to know its target customer and add new sales channels, locations at the click of a button, check your stores online, connect to build custom integrations that expand business growth internationally.


Our retail Mobility strategies expand customer experience and its Cloud Computing Integration contains a smaller footprint, data securely stored off-site, software updates (now a simple affair), 24x7 Access to reports that increase mobility ratio.

Quality Engineering

Adroitly track employee productivity through the software iterative testing cycle, metrics and tools. Evaluates all transactions, easily split commissions between multiple employees involved in the same system.