Grow your Retail Business with CUBEX POS

Mobile devices security can scan a bar code with the unit, then enter the quantity you have on hand. Mobile device management is so accurate that when you are finished, you can upload the inventory levels into Cubex Retail Cloud, which will print out a variance
report and adjust your inventory numbers.

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Mobility Facts

Goods Receiving

Mobile devices solve priority issues. Mobile device software manages and shows multiple shipments received with efficient data entry. A stock might be available in the mobile device database but not available for sale or damaged/ dead/ short supply on arrival will be instantly notified.

Solves Unwanted Movement

Mobile devices managing application also manages to pick and pack each item can be verified and also pick order can be specified. With the help of mobile devices, FIFO/FMFO can be ensured. Pick location will be available on PDT.


The mobile device Inventory system shipped every item and is validated and scanned with no error with the help of mobile devices. POS mobile device also gives instant availability of dispatch summary.

Put Away

Mobile devices database give static/prefixed storage allocation. It also solves an underutilized facility and no pick order in the mobile inventory database.