Our Trusted Partners

Baskin Robins

The introspective design of Cubex retail empowers users with inventory management tools such as MIS and CRM. You will find it ductile and user-friendly. A cut above factor is the approach of its team members, they are always acquiescent to take suggestions from us. Cubex Retail is a complete and appropriate package with genuine gratification.

Gohar Textile

We are extremely and pleased to work with Cubex retail. The analytics let us manage the store like a pro and set up the system to work best for our needs. Use scanner tools instead of peck sale entries. After showing online reports to the board of directors they instantly like Cubex Retail. Immense technical support team, but the system is simple to set up and user-friendly to operate.

Bonanza Satrangi

Cubex Retail system provides custom-built and snug-fit services. The staff could learn the Cubex Retail in less than 10 minutes, making it amazingly easy to use. Usually, the approach is very facile and simple but when I cannot figure something out I call the customer support line that provides peerless services. I would recommend CUBEX to any business with food, retail, and admission based components.

Metro Freshly

Instead of all other systems that involved manual entering of more than 10,000 items, Cubex Retail even converted all of our inventory data. The Technical Support Team is tremendous. We can search the inventory database via code numbers, names, even part of the code or `name. The end of day reporting is simple and easy to use. All in all, I highly recommend the excellent team at Cubex Retail.

Khawaja Bakers

After surveying the market Cubex Retail was the only company out there that could put together a solution that worked for our business because we had a blank canvas and could not decide on a multitude of POS options. While many companies claimed to have the ability to do this, only Cubex Retail was able to execute this for us!


Highly recommend for all retailers, the reporting is phenomenal, inventory control is easy to use and the POS retail side was a snap to implement. We needed a system that wouldn't require a cashier's manual intervention to generate the appropriate discount after each transaction. A narrative-driven fact is that Cubex has a trusted team that helps to sort any issue swiftly.

Staunch and faithful to benefit our client