Cubex BI

There is no need to acquire extra software for reporting & BI. Cubex BI provides full-featured web-based BI and easy access to all reports on mobile phones, laptops, and emails. Moreover, Business Intelligence software has instant access to all the data and it could be the latest invoice & the articles sold during the last minute in any shop. Cubex BI reports have quality access to all reports of all stores.

  • Order the Right Products at the Right Time
  • Access key Information from Anywhere
  • Build Your own Reports
  • Drill Down into Your Data
  • Understand Your Customer Better
  • Know what is Going on Wherever you are
  • Get Deeper Sales Insights
  • Manage Your Inventory more Effectively
  • Keep an Eye on your Daily Report
  • Understand Your Customer Better

Order the Right Products at the Right Time

Cubex BI architecture discovers seasonal and brand trends by comparing inventory and sales data. Use the product performance BI report to find sales stars (and flops) and BI platform reorder simply with the low stock report.

Access key Information from Anywhere

Use our Cubex BI dashboard provide a mobile-friendly dashboard to get a snapshot of how your stores are performing via easy to understand charts, and quickly identify important trends or areas to work on.

Build your own report

Cubex BI reports and tools customize your sales report to easily see how your stores are performing, what products are making you the most money, and BI reporting tools discover who your top salespeople are?

Drill Down into Your Data

Cubex BI framework uses a wide range of variables and BI tools and technology provide filters to get to the bottom of things which will help you identify trends or problem areas.

Understand Your Customer Better

Cubex BI system assimilates to maintain all existing customers and the BI app and services find out who your most loyal customers are, how much they spend with you and what they're buying.

Know what is Going on Wherever you are

All your data is stored safely in the cloud, so you can get your reports from wherever you are at any time of day.

Get Deeper Sales Insights

Cubex BI development customizes receipts with your logo and website. Create receipt templates in different languages or for a specific purpose using a BI tool. Choose to email or print receipts after a sale.

Manage Your Inventory more Effectively

Cubex BI analyst allows the customer to see stock on hand and inventory levels at a glance so that it’s easy to make sure you always have enough of your top-selling products. BI technology amends and analyzes all the inventory and demographics of a client.

Keep an Eye on your Daily Report

Cubex BI report tracks daily sales with register closure summaries and sales history reports, on-firm payment amounts. BI reporting tools check for discrepancies and add notes about the day, rack on-account sales, layaways, returns, and refunds.